Green mayors already disavowed by their voters?

“When men can’t change things, they change words,” said Jean Jaurès. And the new ecological mayors of big cities excel in this discipline: Christmas trees are now only “dead trees”, the Tour de France “a macho and polluting competition” and the 5G “a technology to watch porn in the elevator” …

The process of sending everyone back to the emptiness of his or her existence does not seem to appeal to public opinion, including the environmentalist electoral base. According to an online Ifop survey of a representative sample for the site, nearly eight out of ten French people (79%) say they are opposed to the removal of large Christmas trees from major city squares. This opposition does not fluctuate among voters in communes of more than 100,000 inhabitants administered by EELV mayors. As for voters who declare themselves to be politically close to the EELV, this proposal is rejected by 55%.

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Vél’ d’Hiv
The institute has tested public support for other claims by green politicians, such as : “The French gendarmes who obeyed the orders of their superiors by carrying out the Vél’ d’Hiv’ raid are the ancestors of those who today hunt down migrants and undocumented immigrants” (Patrick Chaimovitch, mayor of Colombes) or “Not having a husband, it rather exposes me to not being raped, not being killed, not being beaten up” (Alice Coffin, Paris councilor). In any case, public opinion does not appreciate these sweeping statements, which are very widely challenged. “The judgment of the French people is severe on the first media releases of environmental mayors. Even their electoral base is divided”, explains François Kraus, director of the Political/News department of Ifop, “they are real risk takers in terms of communication”.

The case of 5G
The only subject on which environmentalists capitalize modestly in public opinion is 5G, which is supported without momentum by public opinion, since only 61% of residents in large cities say they are in favor of deploying 5G in their municipality, while 48% are in favor of temporarily suspending its deployment. It should be noted that on this subject, as on the use of chloroquine or the deployment of the Linky meter, political proximity strongly polarizes personal convictions, since 73% of respondents who “feel like a yellow vest” would like the deployment of 5G to be suspended in France at least until the summer of 2021, compared with 29% among LREM supporters.

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The last surprising figure to emerge from this study is that 20% of people in France are in favor of “destroying relay antennas to protest against the deployment of 5G”. This support for sabotage operations even reaches 29% in cities run by left-wing mayors.

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