The first mummification of the final countdown to the treasure



The great.
Just like his son, he was a very successful pharaoh.
But in the rivalry between father and son, there is one category where
Wins, mummy.
Because City One is proud of some
One of the best embalming work ever
From the history of ancient Egypt.
Mummification is an incredible process
From drying and embalming the body
To preserve her, ready for her journey to eternity
In the hereafter.
The key to all this was preparing the body.
Usually, your brain is pulled through your nose
With an iron hook.
Next, all of your major organs
Far from the heart.
Then these organs are kept in special jars,
So they can be reunited with their owner in the afterlife.
Then your body is covered with a salt called natron and left
To dry for up to 40 days.
Finally, the mummified body is now wrapped with its head
To hang hundreds of meters from linen bandages
Using glue, spells are cast to protect the mummy
And preparing it for a safe arrival in the hereafter.
But the mummy of Siti is unusual.
His face is incredibly well preserved.
It looks almost perfect, not what you are
You might expect it from an object that is over 3000 years old.
But to be honest, City has done a lot of work.
Revealing the secrets behind Siti’s beautiful youthful appearance
Radiology professor, Sahar Saleem.
I always looked at his mummy and said, “This is not a mummy.
That’s a sleeping beauty, “I always have
He wondered what his secrets are?
Secrets revealed to me that the ancient Egyptians were very
Competence of plastic surgeons.
Was it really plastic surgery?
And they put feathers around the nose
And the mouth in this area in the cheeks
And even in time.
The ancient Egyptian would like to resemble his gods.
There is something very attractive about it.
He was the most well-embalmed person from ancient Egypt
I looked at it before.
Love the way you talk about it.
I bet you wish you met him.
We will meet one day.
Yes, in the afterlife.
brilliant. brilliant.
Well, good luck.
The Egyptians beautified the mummy of Sethi
To ensure that it is in the best possible shape
To travel to the afterlife.
Once there, City will forever need a stunning home.

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