The Evolution of Ancient Egypt’s Pyramids | Lost Treasures of Egypt

West bank of the Nile
Home to the most important monuments in the world,
The great pyramids of Giza.
The pyramids contained the bodies of the pharaohs.
Although the ancient Egyptian civilization of nearly
3000 years ago, its kings built only huge tombs
Like this for a few centuries.
Egyptologists try to determine approximately 50
Together why did the pharaohs stop
Building giant pyramids.
To His Majesty the Egyptologist Chris Norton
From ancient structures makes the truth
That the Egyptians have truly abandoned their construction.
Saqqara lies 10 km south of the legendary Pyramids of Giza.
Chris Nunton: When we think of pyramids,
We tend to think of Giza, I think, and the Great Pyramid
Of Khufu in particular.
This is where it all really started.
Commentator 1: Chris has reached the hometown of the pyramid builder
To search for clues as to why the Egyptians built giant pyramids
For less than 500 years.
It was erected a century ago before the famous pyramids in Giza,
The first pyramid in Egypt is 200 feet high
Six huge limestone platforms carefully
Comprehensive exchange of information
Below, a resting place
For the pharaoh Djoser.
Chris Nunton: That’s it at the end.
This is where the king’s body will rest forever.
These problems
Retail this astonishing monument
About that person’s body.
It is so amazing.
First Commentator: To house a mummy, huge pieces of granite
She slid down a passage in the shaft
It is piled up by a giant coffin
It measures 19 feet tall.
Chris Nunton: Oh my God, those pieces are huge.
Wow, it’s amazing.
Commentator 1: But this was not just a tomb
The search to secure the pharaoh’s physical body forever.
Decisively to succeed in the hereafter,
Within the pyramid the living would remember the king.
It was completed around 2650 BC, and it erupted
Architectural revolution.
Djoser’s Colossus of Levels wasn’t just the first pyramid.
Over the next century, the kings of Egypt developed the concept,
Building huge tombs along the western bank of the Nile,
Including the first true geometric pyramid,
Red and distorted pyramid
Experiment with a curved pyramid.
Then she built the landmarks adjacent to the building
In Egypt, the pyramids of Giza.
Several short centuries after the Great Pyramid was established
Khufu rose from the desert, a new era loomed on the horizon.

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